Carpet Cleaning

Our minimum call out fee is $195. SF areas (rooms) $65, non SF (rooms) $75, stairs $5.50 per stair (minimum fee outside SF is $225, some cities may have an additional $50 - $75 trip charge plus $7 Bridge toll fee when applicable). All invoices will have a 4% "health care tax" added to them.

For a commercial job we will send somebody to give a quote upon seeing the site. Our technicians have experience with carpets of all materials and sizes. Our equipment is the best in the business and will out perform any competitors. Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners use the hot water extraction method, all of our cleaning products are certified to be enviromentally friendly.


Rug Deep Cleaning

$4 per square foot when performed at the plant, on location $0.85 per foot, $150 Minimum cleaning fee. All invoices will have a 4% "health care tax" added to them.

Rug cleaning is best performed at our plant where our rug masters can perform a deep cleaning, we offer free pickup and delivery and guarantee the complete removal of any pet odors. In some cases we are able to lightly clean rugs in your home for substantial savings. Our technicians have extensive training in rug cleaning and repair, they will know the correct treatment your rug requires. Complete urine removal can only be performed at the plant and cannot be performed onsite.


Upholstery Cleaning

$17 - 25 per linear foot. All invoices will have a 4% "health care tax" added to them.

Our equipment is the best in the business, so fabrics dry fast. Healthy Choice uses the best upholstery tools available, the same powerful equiptment that cleans your carpets can also ensure the cleanest results in your furniture too. For commercial accounts we are able to work during non-business hours to ensure that all upholstery is completley dry by the time it is needed.


Pet Stain Removal

There are three levels of decontamination service with each increasing in price. Please understand that the damage caused by urine may be permanent and in some cases may cause color bleeding on some wool area rugs—We cannot be held responsible for this damage because it was not caused by Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners.