FREquently asked questions

What is in your cleaning solution?

Our main cleaning agents are Hot Water, Suction, Citrus oil and Sodium Carbonate. We have more powerful cleaning agents if needed, such as Hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia, Isopropyl alcohol and enzymes. We will be sure to rinse these agents from your carpet leaving it as chemical free as possible.

Is your system the wet or dry system?

Our system of Hot water extraction, which is wet, was proven to be superior to the dry method. Major carpet manufactures only recommend the “wet method” known as the Hot Water Extraction to maintain your warrantee. We have included a detailed explanation of our methods here

How often should carpets be cleaned?

The Environmental protection agency recommends that carpets should be cleaned approximately every 6 months for health reason, please read our research if you would like to learn more. Carpet manufactures require the carpet to be cleaned AT LEAST every 12 to 18 months using the hot water extraction method to maintain the warrantee.

How long will it take to dry?

We use the most powerful cleaning machines available, drying the carpet in half the time. It will depend on a few factors such as: The fiber type and the weather outside. If the carpet is really dirty we may have to clean it more than usual resulting in a longer drying time. Typically the carpet will dry in about 4 to 6 hours.

When can we walk on the carpet again?

We will provide you with booties for your feet so that you may walk on the carpet right away. It is best to limit traffic until the carpet is dry.

Do the Healthy Choice carpet cleaners move furniture?

We will move a few things like a sofa or some chairs if asked. If the task of moving furniture is more work than the cleaning, then we will need to charge more and the price could almost double.

Are your services safe for kids?

The real danger comes from what might be in your dirty carpet. The CDC (Center of Disease and Control) recommends that small children under 5 years not be present during the cleaning process.

Are your services safe for pets?

It is best to secure your pets away from the cleaning area. When using the truck mounted system, the front door will be propped open, allowing your pets to escape. The pets might also walk on or digest the pre-spray cleaning solution, possibly irritating their skin or giving them diarrhea. Don’t worry, we rinse this pre-spray (less harsh than dishwashing soap,) from your carpet with plenty of water, making it safe for them.

What are your prices?

For residential carpet cleaning in San Francisco, we have a $195 minimum and $225 outside San Francisco, some cities may have an additional $50 - $75 trip charge plus $7 Bridge toll fee when applicable. The minimum will typically cover the cost to clean 3 average rooms. Our cleaning techs are trained to give a fair price based on the work and logistics of the job. Call the office at 415-681-5172. To get a “site unseen” ESTIMATE over the phone for residential cleaning jobs. All invoices will have a 4% "health care tax" added to them.

Why is it so important that we provide legal parking?

City ordinance requires those working on city streets and sidewalks to provide “Safe Paths of Travel” to pedestrians and vehicle traffic. This basically means we can’t park on or block sidewalks and we cannot double park.

We will refuse service if legal parking is not available - We will not break the law for any reason. We cannot park in enclosed garages while operating the Truck mounted units because of the danger involved. 5 carpet cleaners a year die from making this mistake.

One way to overcome the parking challenge in SF is to schedule the cleaning during street cleaning time. This way parking is more likely to be available.

What else can we do to prepare for a carpet cleaning appointment?

Besides providing legal parking for our trucks, there are other issues to keep in mind. For better cleaning results we ask that you vacuum your carpet before we arrive. Please remove as much clutter as possible. Consider placing clutter on beds or in rooms not being cleaned.

If we are using our portable unit, we will need access to a bath tub or deep sink to get hot water and a toilet to dump dirty water.

Make sure when you make the appointment that you give us the phone number where you can be reached on the appointment day. Our cleaning techs will call you if they are running late or early.

What can you tell me about Kawasaki Syndrome?

Kawasaki Syndrome is caused by a virus that may be found in homes, where the indoor hygiene has been neglected. It is present generally in homes with higher humidity or poor ventilation. Carpet cleaners do not clean with viruses so KS is not caused by carpet cleaning---one only needs to see the actual research data and not an ill informed news article to know this is true.